Baby Rescue Feeding Project

                                           Baby Rescue Feeding program

Thanks to “Food for Orphans” we are able to provide food for the Mercy Rescue Trust Orphanage. This orphanage is for infants that have mostly been rescued from an abusive environment by Social Services and placed temporarily while help and rehabilitation is sought for the parent. If the parent is not in compliance to parental recommendations the infant is placed in foster care and in waiting for adoption. Many of the babies rescued are found abandoned… some at the hospital the very day of their birth… teenage pregnancy is often the culprit. Babies have been found  in abandoned buildings, in the forest, in toilets. We have a disabled child that was left in a church pew… obviously by a distraught mama hoping her child would be found and taken care of by Christians.
The babies most usually have malnutrition or are born of mothers who had no prenatal care causing the child to be seriously underweight. Some are HIV positive. Feeding these babies… watching them slowly become healthy and happy is an incredible feat and one that takes the help of neighborhood volunteers and donors from around the world. Bill and I are blessed to be some little part of this amazing deed for the good!



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