Food Pantry

Jesus fed the multitudes and became the example that feeding is part of ministry. Our working staff began eight years ago volunteering their time, travel and efforts teaching our curriculum. Many times they slept hungry in the church where they were teaching.

In the days of small beginnings, travel was mostly by bicycle or walking. On a good day, our teachers traveled by matatu (a crowded taxi van) many hours to their destined classroom. Their dedication and determination is astounding to us as many times they set out to teach leaving their families with little to sustain their hungry bellies.

But the Almighty One whom we trust makes provision as He sees fitting. Our teachers all have been blessed with a motorbike, a computer with which to teach, a small salary and food for their families. To God be the glory!

Our food pantry goes further—feeding orphans and widows where we can. God brings in surprising ways. We just celebrated feeding an orphanage with money donated by someone of the Muslim faith.

God will always prove His greatness and with whomever He chooses! One of our biggest food donors recently had to close his doors because of an illness but we have learned through the trials and test of time that where God calls—He provides!

Food Pantry


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