Tailoring School

Do you see someone skilled in their work?

They will serve before Kings; they will not serve before low rank officials.

Proverbs 22:29

                                                              Tailoring School

For now we are using our Bible School class room on off days for tailoring classes. Then on Bible School class day we move the sewing machines back and rearrange the tables and chairs to fit the immediate need. Our tailor is an amazing teacher but doesn’t have the facility needed to hold classes or run his much needed tailoring shop. However we are making do as we plan for another building or container to accommodate both our need for a second classroom and tailoring shop.
There are many Kitale tailors but not all skillful at their trade. We are proud to announce that our school offers quality teaching. Our first students have become quickly professional and business-wise women ready for self-employment.
We appreciate any donation toward this amazing cause as we covet your prayer support.


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