By him therefore let us offer the sacrifice of praise to God continually, that is, the fruit of our lips giving thanks to his name.
Hebrews 15:13

There was never a question or argument of where our meals would be eaten those years while raising my children… and if there was ever a time we sat in front of the TV while eating I certainly can’t recall. I do remember we had unmatched dishes and silverware on a daily bases but on Thanksgiving, Christmas and birthdays the china came from display to dress my table with flare. After those very special meals each dish was washed and dried by hand to carefully resume its station in the glass front cabinet.
Thanksgiving is the most difficult holiday to be in the mission field 13,000 miles away from family but one has to make the best of a situation. To overcome homesickness and after much thought and prayer with the desire to make the day special I chose to invite new faces and people I had only recently become acquainted with to sit at our Thanksgiving table. One very young couple we had only met briefly on one occasion laid heavy on my mind. I had no last name and no cell contact numbers and up to nearly the last day no one could give me information of where to find this couple. When finally we made contact.
I jumped in happily to have young people in our home… knowing they would bring flare that even real china couldn’t bring to a table. My husband helped me make candies and cookies and cakes and deserts… everything we knew would be a treat to newfound missionaries. We certainly remember those first days, months and even years. We had ham by a miracle of a caring God and all the kids’ favorite… mashed potatoes and gravy. The day was splendid… just splendid!
At days end this awesome young man that our sovereign Lord had put on my heart to have at my table shared with me that his mama passed away last year and this was his first Thanksgiving without her. He thanked me over and over. I know Nathanael realized God brought us into his life but I’m not sure he knows what he brought to ours this Thanksgiving Day!


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