Shoes & Toys for Children

Because shoes are a requirement in the schools, you might find anything that might suffice covering children’s feet. It could be two very different shoes, two different sizes, worn out shoes or shoes with the toes cut out to allow their feet room to grow. Flip-flops are popular as well.

Shoes project for VFA ministriesThere are injured feet, bare feet or feet infested with crippling jigger. So at every opportunity to provide shoes to our orphans, off we go! On occasion Step-30, a shoe ministry out of Taiwan, has supplied us with hundreds of pairs of shoes for these children.

Children’s cognitive skills suffer in this part of the world. Toys that build such skills, along with crafts to encourage creativity, are so needed. I had an adult tell me recently that Kenyans feel spending money on games is a waste of money, and rightfully so with poverty rampant. But, how sad it is that that simple reasoning is out of reach to such brilliant minds.

Your donations for this ministry are so appreciated!

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