KPS School

                                                         Kitale Pryme School

VFA is in partnership with owner Benjamin Malisi with the goal to make this a quality educational institution.
One day our friend Ben Malisi invited us to meet with him in an abandoned school compound he was contemplating to buy. Although needing much renovation,  the potential was definitely foreseeable and we agreed  we could  help by finding sponsorship. On our school walk-through we discovered six abandoned teenage orphan girls… left behind by the previous owner to fend for themselves. Long story short the girls needed a home first off and that began our ploy. The girls were sleeping on a bedframe with no mattress or bed coverings and living under appalling circumstances.
With the help of amazing support through God’s amazing people the girls have a new dorm… beds, bed coverings and school supplies. Bill and I are mom and dad to now ten precious teen girls. By His grace we sponsor their personal needs as thankfully “Food for Orphans” feeds. God has provided a “dorm matron” that only He could come up with. She truly loves and cares for the teens as if they were her own. I can honestly say that dorm is a happy home for the Kitale Pryme School orphans.
Please remember this school in your prayers. Your donation to help in any area would be so appreciated!


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