HIV Orphanage

Discover to Recover is an orphanage for HIV positive children as well as children that test negative but had parents who died of aids. Because of the fear and stigma of HIV, relatives reject perfectly healthy children that have now become our family along with those who are test positive for the disease. Patricia Sawo, author of I’m Not Dying is the mother to these 53 rejected ones.

VFA orphanage for HIV children

We work alongside Mama Patricia who loves every child as her very own. She has carried sick babies to the orphanage that were given death sentences by professionals who gave them up.

Patricia hasn’t lost a child to HIV. She says, “it is treatable, and they will not die, because Jesus is Lord.” We are hopeful that one fine day the cure will come and these children—so loved and so cared for—will walk away negative and free of stigma and rejection.

VFA feeds, teaches, PLAYS and supports Discover to Recover! Please consider that with your generous donations. We can do much more!

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