Widows Organic Farming

Now that she who is a widow indeed, and desolate, trusts God and continues in supplications and prayers night and day.

I Timothy 5:5

African widows are often kicked to the curb sometimes because of tribal or religious differences, however, the daily struggle for survival might be the biggest culprit. Feeding and educating the young takes precedence in hopes for a better future than generations past. Christian families of course most usually take care of their elderly but the streets are heavy with younger, homeless widows left to the elements and begging to provide for their children.

Vision for Africa in partnership with “Thrive for Good” is making a dent for our Kitale widows. Our R&R (Rescue & Restore) program is two-fold. The widows are students in our Bible leadership classes and are learning organic farming as their second required agenda. We have provided an acreage on our VFA campus where they plant and harvest vegetables to feed their families as well to sell for income. Their obvious self-image changes in front of our very eyes. Their appearance and health attest to the success of this program.
VFA feeds lunch and provides all classroom materials as well as emergency medical assistance. Thrive for Good provides seed as well as special classes joining the mama’s in the field to enhance where gardening expertise is needed. We are blessed to have our trained organic farming teacher “Shamim Chitayi”… mama and teacher giving hope for those once hopeless!
VFA appreciates those donations to help provide the many needs concerning both the gardening and classroom materials.





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